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Our Other Services

Section Clearing

We have a wealth of experience in landscaping, lawn care and maintenance, so can help you get your neglected, over-grown section looking pristine again in no time. We’ll remove small trees and old stumps, level your section and provide the best advice for restoring your lawns.

Dingo Hire

One of our favourite tools is our multi-purpose Dingo mini-digger which is able to do just about anything – from pulling out stumps to levelling lawns. If your looking to get work done yourself, get in touch to hire the Dingo and get that DIY project sorted!

Small Tree Removal

As well as removing old tree stumps, we can also remove small trees form your property too. We’ll even take care of all the green waste, either removing it from your property or converting it into chips or mulch which you can use on your garden.


Wellington Hydroseeding team is at your service all year round,
because it doesn’t really matter if it’s Christmas time or not, stunning lawns is not a seasonal fad!

Hydroseeding allows to prime your house with a beautiful looking lawn so that you can enjoy your outdoors even more.