5 Ways Tree Stump is Negatively Affecting The Quality of Your Life

//5 Ways Tree Stump is Negatively Affecting The Quality of Your Life

5 Ways Tree Stump is Negatively Affecting The Quality of Your Life

Have you been looking at that tree stump for a while now and figured it’s time for it to go? Tree stumps are one of the most common forms of rubbish around the homes of most people. Unless it’s a firewood that you can use, tree stumps can be a problem.

No one likes to look at those ugly things in their backyard. But here’s what you may not realize! Stumps are breeding grounds for wood-destroying insects and organisms. They can also become havens for snakes, salamanders and other vermin. It’s really dangerous for your pets and children because it can become a home for spiders and bugs that bite.

A tree stump removal can seem like an intimidating task at first. Good news it that its really not worth putting it off any longer.

What do you think would be the total damage, if you don’t get rid of it? It’s best to call a stump removal service to come out and take care of it quickly. If you are having trouble removing it by yourself, then it needs to be left for the experts.

Are you not yet convinced with why your tree stump needs to be removed?

Here are some of the most important reasons why you need a tree stump removal.

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  1. It doesn’t matter what season it is; tree stumps are a pain to deal with.

Tree stumps are a common sight in forests and wooded areas. However, they are not really attractive. Some people even take out their frustration and kick tree stumps. This is because they know it will be a pain to remove them. If you find tree stumps sprouting in your yard, you might think about pulling them out and throwing them away.

That’s a bad idea!

Stumps can be filled with bugs, germs, and bacteria that can harm your family or pets. You should only hire professionals to deal with this matter. Tree stumps can be dangerous but they can also be removed and there’s no benefit for keeping them.

tree stumps are a pain to deal with

Depending on the type of tree, stumps can be very difficult to remove whether it be by hand, or by machinery. Both methods require a professional to handle, and can often be messy and stressful. Removing tree stumps is a common need in our profession, and if you’re not careful, your lawn and garden can be damaged.

Team at Wellington Stump Removal is fully equipped with the tools and materials that are necessary and safe to remove tree stumps safely, while also ensuring that your lawn is intact and unharmed.

Our team members are certified in stump removal and are properly trained in order to ensure their work meets your personal and professional standards.

  1. Tree stumps can be a fire hazard.

You’re not necessarily going to cause a fire when you have a stump in your yard. However, you’re not going to be helping your property’s safety by having a fire hazard back there. If you have any stumps on your property that haven’t been taken care of and it’s a potential fire hazard, take care of the problem immediately.

Tree stumps can be a fire hazard. They should be removed if they’re in a fire-prone area. It’s really important to do so before anything bad happens.

For example, you might leave a grill out near the stump one night, and the flames will spread. Next thing you know the whole thing is on fire. You might have to have the whole tree removed if it’s in a place where you don’t want it.

If you have a tree stump that you need to have removed, there are some things that you should know before getting it done.


  1. Tree stumps can attract insects and rodents, which can be a public health hazard.

If you’re getting a lot of mouse or bug problems, you may want to consider removing tree stumps near your home. You may not think of tree stumps as a big deal, but they can cause a lot of problems. They can attract insects and rodents, which can be a public health hazard. Some insects can carry different diseases that can be transmitted to plants or people.

Rodents can carry diseases as well, and they can gnaw on wood and wires, which is a property issue. If you’re seeing tree stumps in your area and you want them gone, call a stump grinding service. They will grind down the stump and you’ll have a clean, safe property. And since they are hard to remove and can cost a lot of money, it’s recommended that you get help from professionals.

Tree stumps can be removed for a small cost

  1. Tree stumps can be removed for a small cost but gives a larger value to your property especially if you’re planning to sell it now or in the future.


There are many things that you can do to make your property more attractive.

Getting your tree stumps removed is just one of them. Getting them removed is not that hard, but it does have an upfront cost involved.

The cost of removing a tree stump is lower than you might think, however. In many cases, it can be cheaper to pull out a tree stump than to have it removed by another company. And the benefits to you are quite large.

It increases the value of your property and can save you money on individual items that are more cost effective to replace. Having a tree stump removed is the most effective way to improve the value of your home.

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  1. Tree stump creates an unpleasant sight in your garden and takes valuable space away from your section.


Your section and your garden offer the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy it. While you might be not the most passionate gardener, a stump creates an unpleasant eye sore obstacle for a section of any size.

I’m guessing you’re thinking about getting rid of those tree stumps. Before you even start to plan out how to do it yourself, you must know that it’s better left to the pros.

There are many ways to remove tree stumps from your property and depending on the cost, you may choose to use either a professional or do it yourself method. Professional tree stump removal is a good method for people who would rather spend their money on something else or do not have enough time to do it. The pros enjoy getting paid for a job well done and love to conserve the environment as much as possible. On the other hand, doing it yourself can be risky if you’re not careful. Hiring a professional is a great way to save money and help out the environment at the same time.


3 Advantages of Calling Professional to Remove Tree Stump


There are many reasons why you should leave tree stump removal to the professionals. If you’re trying to get rid of a tree stump yourself, you’re probably trying to save money. While that is admirable, it is important to consider the potential hazards you’re putting yourself in. There are many hazardous things you can do while you’re cutting a tree stump; you could get hurt or even kill yourself. Having a professional tree removal service will make the entire process much safer. They’ll also be able to use more advanced techniques and tools to remove the stump. These are just a few of the advantages of hiring experts to do it.

Advantage #1 Stay Safe

Safety first: High risk areas may be hard to access when tree removal is performed by an expert. Removing tree stumps can be a tough job, and it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. Experienced tradesmen know how to handle stump removal safely and efficiently, and they have the right gear to get the job done without putting anyone or anything at risk. They’ll assess your stump and figure out the best way to remove it, then take it down bit by bit until it’s gone. Plus, they’ll always conduct a job safety analysis to look for potential hazards before starting work.

Advantage #2  Get Expert to Do the Job Properly

Expertise: A tree stump removal company will have the experience to ensure the removal is done correctly. Hiring a professional like Steve and his team from Wellington Stump Removal is kind of like asking for help from your more experienced sibling when it comes to taking on a big project like removing a tree stump. They have the experience and know-how to guide you through the process safely, and without putting your life or property at risk. Carefully making cuts and precisely guiding the stump grinder are two things you won’t find in an instruction manual, but a trusted local professional can help you with.

Advantage #3  Save Time

Time: A professional tree stump removal service will take only a fraction of the time to deal with the job. Some tree stumps can be removed by simply using a shovel to dig around it, but if they’re really deep and old, you may run into some trouble. For example, a lot of home-owners think they can take on the job themselves, but they’re not really equipped to handle a job with so many variables. For one thing, an old tree stump can be covered in roots, which can create holes and cracks, making the whole project more difficult. And you may find that it’s hard to cut through the wood itself. With all of the equipment necessary and the training to use it, it’s best to leave a tree stump removal job to the pros.


If you are still keeping a tree stump in your yard, you should reconsider. Tree stumps can cause a variety of safety issues. Tree stumps can easily be tripped on, they can break your ankles when you fall into them, they can harbour dangerous fungus, they can become a nesting area for snakes, and they can easily be set on fire by a spark from your wood-burning stove. There’s no reason to keep a tree stump. If you have tree stumps in your yard, consider getting rid of them as soon as possible to keep your family safe.

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